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       The MASc is introducing a new scheme for inducting “Young Associates” below the age of 40 from year 2006-2007. This scheme is mainly directed towards young, active and dynamic researchers and teachers as also individuals engaged in activities associated with popularizing and promoting various aspects of science covered by the academy.

The main criteria for selecting individuals under this scheme are as follows:
1. Age: between 25 and 40 years.
2. The individual must be currently engaged in the activities such as research and development, setting up of new and novel facilities for conducting science and technology related projects, popularization of science, spreading scientific temperament by writing popular scientific articles and development of new and novel techniques for teaching science at various levels.
3. The candidate must have demonstrated his/her outstanding contributions to the above activities with proven records.
4. The candidate to be nominated must have a post-graduate degree from a recognized university in the faculties covered by the academy (or a bachelors degree in engineering with more than 10 years teaching experience).

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