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Terms and Conditions
1. The awardee ceases to be “Young Associate” upon completing the age of 40 years.
2. The Young Associate will not have voting rights in the proceedings of the academy.
3. The candidate must be currently residing and active in the state of Maharashtra.
4. The candidate will be nominated by two Fellows of the academy.
5. The selection of a Young Associate will be carried out by the expert committees of the academy in various fields once a year. The selected names will be approved during the annual general meeting (AGM) of the academy and a certificate to this effect will be issued to the selected candidate.
6. The awardee shall make a one-time payment of Rs. 800 as the associateship fee to the Academy.
7. The Executive Council of the Academy reserves the right to select or reject the nominations received for awarding the Associateship.
8. The Young Associate will not automatically become the Fellow of the Academy during his/her tenure or upon crossing of 40 years of age. He /She will have to be nominated for the Fellowship following the standard procedure of the MASc.
9. The Young Associate may participate in the AGM or other activities of the Academy (without voting rights). No TA/ DA will be paid for attending such activities or meetings.
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